Week 3

Life gets so busy and prioritizing importance and needs has been on my mind a lot. I have thought about discontinuing my partnership with the MAster Key countless times in the past few days. I understand the importance of being present and really taking in all the incredible information being shared. But truly I have such a full plate that at times it feels as though I am not able to put in 100%. Here I am doing my part❤️. I love the concept of creating, writing and concretizing my DMP. Loved being able to create my future the way I truly desire it to be.  

Life purpose I have always thought that I was a link in my family to change our family legacy. One big challenge for me that I have always struggled with is dreaming. I am more of a realist.  One of those folks who when asked what would you do if you won the lottery always thought to myself it’s too unreal not tangible can’t dream based on the what ifs. What I can say is that at this point in my life I can see, taste and breathe a future that I create not based on a lottery but based on me and what I choose to do which is a more realistic view to live by. 


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